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The 4th Arward is ended. This bases are only for references.

Bases IV Animation’s for Peace Award


The works submitted must be animations made in these techniques (draw, plasticine, flash, etc.)

For this 4th edition Competition, animations must refer to the subject given in this sentence “We create peace day by day”.

Interactive animations will not be accepted.


The main aims for the competition are:

  • Encourage the creation of digital animations for peace culture in order to increase the link of the artistic community with the promotion and awareness of peace.
  • Create a permanent fund of animation films, administered by Fundació per la Pau, and available to any person and associations that promote the characteristic values of Peace Culture.

Who can take part in the competition?

Any physical or juridical person.

Modalities and categories

The competition has two modalities:

  • Spot: animations of 1 minute maximum.
  • Short film: animations of 1 minute minimum.

Also, there will be two categories:

  • Junior: under 18.
  • Senior: above 18.


The awarded works will receive an economic prize:

  • Junior spot: 300€
  • Senior spot: 300€
  • Junior short film: 600€
  • Senior short film: 600€
  • Public prize: 200€

All the awarded works and those considered suitable by the jury will be selected to be distributed in educational and cultural centres. These works will be exhibited in festivals and events, cinemas, television, and they will permanently be displayed at the competition website and at the You Tube of Fundació per la Pau.


Works in all languages will be accepted. If the animation is in a language other than Catalan, Spanish or English, a file of subtitles in one of these three languages must be added.

The file of subtitles must be in Subrip format with extension .rst, which includes the timing.

Deadline and inscription

The deadline for the delivery of works is 30 May 2012.

For the inscription, an application form at the competition website must be filled (nonexistent, because the deadline has expired)

The jury’s deliberation will take place during June and July 2012

The awards ceremony will be held near the International Animation’s Day, the 28th October 2012.

Delivery of works and formats

Films must be in a format which can be read by the free player Videolan ( it can be freely obtained at:
The delivery of works can either be done:

  1. Sending a CD or DVD to Fundació per la Pau
    (C/Casp, 31, 1a. A – 088019 Barcelona)
    It must include a printed copy of the application form.
  2. Or posting the work into a server of the participant. In this case, the link to download it must be given in the application form.

Works sent by e-mail will not be accepted.

License and distribution

As the aim of the competition is the promotion of peace culture and in order to increase its impact in society, all the works will be submitted to a Creative Commons license with the author’s name and Fundació per la Pau, which allows the copy, distribution and public communication of the work, as long as some conditions are provided. Consult complete license at:

All the works submitted will join the Fundació per la Pau animations fund, which will take care of their maintenance and use.

All the participants recognize to be the authors of their works and they are required not to present audio-visual or phonographic material (music, image, people, products…) if they do not have the right of use well accredited. The organization is not responsible for the inappropriate use of the intellectual property rights by the authors of the works.


The Jury elected by Fundació per la Pau will choose the winners and it can declare that the prize will not be awarded. It can also give an especial mention to some of the works, although this does not include an economic prize.

Jury’s decision is unappealable.

Right to solve eventualities

Competition’s organizers reserve the right to solve any eventuality not specified in these bases of participation.

Bases acceptance

The participation in this competition means the total acceptance of these bases.

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  • Hola,

    M’agradaria saver en quina data està previst que el jurat falli el IV concurs d’animacions i si sortirà publicat a la web de la fundació.

    Gràcies i salutacions.

    • fundacioperlapau says:

      Benvolgut Daniel, el jurat ja ha pres la decisió, i en breu avisarem les participants que han guanyat. El dia 28 d’octubre farem un acte públic d’entrega de premis. Cordialment,


  • jaqelyn brahu says:

    avisenme cuando será el próximo concurso que me acabo de dar cuenta que este se me pasó, hago excelentes animaciones, tengo 5 animaciones y tres de ellas hablan de la paz,las tengo en youtube y estoy segura de que si hubiera concursado yo hubiera ganado.

  • Dani Seguí says:

    M’agradaria saber quin és el lema de la V edició.
    Estaria bé saber això amb temps ja que fer treballs d’animació porten feina i estaria bé saber-ho amb molta antelació.

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